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With the development of science and technology, we have gained a convenient and affluent life, but the earth is facing serious problems such as global warming, climate change, and marine pollution, and we once again feel the importance of tackling the global environment. increase.

Green Job is based in Osugimachi, Komatsu City, in the mountain village of Ishikawa Prefecture.

We plan and sell cloth products that are friendly to people and the environment, and daily necessities that reuse various material losses.

Don't make it in vain, don't throw it away in vain
I would like to propose a comfortable life that is close to nature.
For us living in the present and the children of the future to spend a rich life both physically and mentally.

​— —

​Symbol mark logotype


Farmer and sprout

The symbol mark is a farmer and a sprout. It is the origin of all creations, and the figure that will be most needed in the future. It expresses the spirit of the green job of "learning plants and utilizing the energy of plants in daily life" with a classical touch.

Handwritten logotype

Handwritten characters make up the logotype. Fluctuations and twists created by human hands, habits that cannot be wiped off. It is a typeface where you can feel the "warmth" that they create.

​— —


About the company

Company name GK Green Job


98 Osugimachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture 923-0186

Business content

Founding date


June 2019

Yomi Sawade and Mutsuko Miyamoto

・ Product planning, development and sales by dyeing using natural materials

・ Planning, development and sales of new products that reuse material loss

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