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☆ Recommended for those who are concerned about the smell of towels ☆

<Thin but excellent in water absorption and easy to dry! Face towel for sensitive skin >

By weaving Japanese paper with high water absorption, a thin and compact towel has been realized.

Just by gently applying it to your skin, Japanese paper quickly absorbs moisture and excess sebum.

It does not become stiff even after repeated washing and keeps a soft and soft touch.


<Characteristics of towels>

・ Although it is thin, it absorbs water well like a thick towel, and also absorbs excess sebum, so your skin will be refreshed without using face wash.

-Since it is thin, it is a material that dries easily and does not easily smell.

-Does not get stiff even after repeated washing.

By using it many times, it will become softer to the touch.

-A material that can be replaced with soil.

Thin and compact Japanese paper face towel

  • Rayon 80%, unclassified fiber (Japanese paper) 20%

    Approximately 39 cm x 27 cm

    made in Japan

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