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<Thin but excellent in water absorption! Sports towel for sensitive skin >

Washi quickly absorbs sweat and excess sebum just by gently applying it to your skin.

Because it uses untwisted "untwisted Japanese paper", it does not become stiff and keeps a soft and soft touch.


<Characteristics of towels>

-Does not get stiff even after repeated washing.

By using it many times, it will become softer to the touch.

・ Absorbs sweat and excess sebum well and dries quickly.

-Since the towel is petan when you hang it around your neck, it gives a smart impression to your neck.

-A material that can be replaced with soil.

Japanese paper sports towel

SKU: WT001
  • Rayon 80%, unclassified fiber (Japanese paper) 20%

    Approximately 19 cm x 97 cm

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