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Reduces skin stress caused by wearing for a long time!

For those who are concerned about rashes and discomfort caused by stuffiness

For those who are concerned about the inside of the mask when putting on and taking off foundation etc.


<Features of Japanese paper thread>

Washi thread is a material that is soft to the touch and does not easily fluff.

It also has excellent properties such as water absorption, antibacterial properties, deodorant properties, and UV protection.


<About Japanese paper mask>

1. 1. It is a material that does not easily generate static electricity between your skin and cloth and does not cause a rash even when worn for a long time.

2. 2. Since Japanese paper absorbs moisture well, it does not get stuffy and is refreshing to wear.

3. 3. Machine washable. (*)


Washable Japanese paper mask (hojicha dyeing)

  • Composition: 52% unclassified fiber (Japanese paper), 31% cotton, 17% nylon

    Country of origin: Made in Japan

    Dyeing material: Hojicha from Maruhachi Teahouse Co., Ltd. (☆)

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