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Reduces skin stress caused by wearing for a long time!

For those who are concerned about rashes and discomfort caused by stuffiness

It fits gently to people with sensitive skin and children.


<Features of Japanese paper thread>

Washi thread is a material that is soft to the touch and does not easily fluff.

It also has excellent properties such as water absorption, antibacterial properties, deodorant properties, and UV protection.


<About Japanese paper mask>

1. 1. It is a material that does not easily generate static electricity between your skin and cloth and does not cause a rash even when worn for a long time.

2. 2. Since Japanese paper absorbs moisture well, it does not get stuffy and is refreshing to wear.

3. 3. Machine washable. (*)


Washable Japanese paper mask

  • Out-of-class fiber (Japanese paper) 52%, cotton 31%, nylon 17%

    made in Japan

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