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The  REST PROJECT by engineered  fabric.

materials construct appearance and the appearance makes us attractive ...



With the diversification of functional materials and the diversification of designs / brands, the production quantity does not match the lot of fabric making.

Materials that are piled up due to the distortion of the apparel industry these days, which is far from sustainable manufacturing.

A project called SORA was started with the opportunity to revive those "residual cloths" as "products" that should be what they should be.

As a basis, we propose items that make use of functional materials that have not been used in the past for general purposes, such as sports materials and industrial materials. By incorporating materials that do not attract attention and are not trendy into items, and the products themselves are in the limelight,

With the concept of unique manufacturing that has never been seen before, we will achieve "SOURCE OF RE ARISE" with that intention.


We strive to develop comfortable products so that you can experience a better life and a high-quality daily life.


Some of the remaining cloth may be revived as a product with a unique fabric called "B-tan" that does not appear in the world.

Cloth that has excellent functionality but has not been commercialized due to unacceptable quality and remains in the warehouse.

By using these, we have realized that the product has the same high functionality, but the price has dropped dramatically, and it is easy to incorporate into everyday life.

It is also a project that we want consumers to feel and have a sense of participating in sustainable manufacturing.


SORA long coat

  • Material: 100% nylon, water repellent finish


      M L
    Length 108 118
    Width 64 64
    Sleeve length 82 85


  • If the delivered product is defective, or if a product different from the ordered content is delivered, we will respond by returning or exchanging the product. Please note that we do not accept returns due to customer's convenience (size does not fit, image is different, order is wrong, etc.). In case of defective or misdelivered items, please contact us using the inquiry form on our website within 10 days after the item arrives and return the item to us. When the product arrives, please be sure to return the documents (delivery note, etc.) that were included with the product. In the unlikely event that the product cannot be exchanged due to out of stock, etc., we will refund your money.

    <Shipping fee for returned goods> We will bear the responsibility for returned or exchanged products due to defective products or incorrect delivery.

    <If we cannot accept returns> If it is due to the customer's convenience (size does not fit, image is different, etc.). If you have not contacted us for a return or exchange within 10 days after the item arrives. When the product is used. When the condition when the product (including accessories) is returned to us is significantly different from the condition at the time of delivery.

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