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<Recommended for those who wash their palms and those with sensitive skin! >

Wet skin is very vulnerable.

If you scrub it with a general body towel, it feels like the dirt has been removed.

On the other hand, the skin may be damaged and some people may feel itchy after taking a bath.

This towel is recommended for such sensitive skin!


1. 1. Reasons for being gentle on the skin

This material uses Japanese paper. Since the threads of general Japanese paper are twisted, they have a rough and hard texture, but this fabric is woven without twisting by a special technique.

Therefore, it has a soft and soft texture, and the more you use it, the softer it becomes.


2. 2. Why Japanese paper removes dirt

Cellulose, which is the main component of Japanese paper, has hydrophilic properties that are easy to adapt to sweat and lipophilic properties that are easy to adapt to sebum.

In addition, Japanese paper has a porous structure with fine gaps between the fibers because it forms a layer in which the fibers are entwined. On the other hand, Manila hemp fiber, which is the raw material of Japanese paper, also has a porous structure with holes.

This structure quickly absorbs sweat and sebum by capillarity and removes excess sebum from the skin without rubbing.


<Features of Japanese paper body towel>

1. 1. The unevenness of the cloth gently cleanses the skin.

2. 2. Foaming is weaker than nylon towels, but it does not hurt your skin because it creates fine bubbles between the threads.

3. 3. Japanese paper absorbs excess sebum.

4. You can use a washing machine and a dryer.

5. It is a material that can be replaced with soil. (It is an environmentally friendly material.)



Japanese paper body towel (for bath)

  • Rayon 66%, unclassified fiber (Japanese paper) 34%

    Approximately 22 cm x 100 cm

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